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Lucy Struve

Sought After Austin Wedding Photographer

With a background in piano performance and a photography mentor in my grandfather, my lifetime has been devoted to art. Being a musician from an early age taught me not only how to communicate emotion without words, but also the hard work of refining a craft. If you’ve ever been to the symphony or listened to a Chopin nocturne, then you understand the capacity of soulfully-crafted art to tell a story or return us to a memory. Now, as an Austin photographer, I do the same for my clients through the medium of photography. My aim is to capture the essence of my clients and their incredible celebrations through images - creatively, authentically, and masterfully. 

Outside of weddings, I find many ways to stay inspired and refreshed. I enjoy hiking outdoors, researching my next European vacation, dining with friends, a good novel, or anything involving my husband and two dogs in the great city of Austin.