Carefree Canyonwood Ridge Wedding

the bride and groom kiss while walking at canyonwood ridge

In March of 2020, Juli and Joseph were one of thousands of couples worldwide who were forced to postpone their wedding due to the pandemic. They eventually settled on a December 2020 date, hopeful that weddings would be safe to host by then.

On their original wedding date, I took my daily socially-distanced walk in the park, and grieved on their behalf for what that evening was supposed to be. I watched the sunset – more colorful than usual, felt the cool 73 degree temperature, and thought of how I should have been photographing Juli and Joseph together as newlyweds in that moment. I’d be lying if I said I had complete faith that their December wedding date would be as equally beautiful a backdrop. After all, December is quite the toss-up in Texas. I’ve enjoyed more than a few Christmas dinners in shorts and a T-shirt on the backyard patio, but I’ve also been huddled inside – wishing that if it was going to be so cold, there could at least be some pretty snow instead of just dead and barren trees.

On the wedding morning, everybody woke up to gloomy clouds and scattered showers. We had one saving grace, and that was Juli and Joseph’s venue: Canyonwood Ridge. Canyonwood Ridge is one of the best venues to be at in the case of inclement weather; be it cold, rain, wind, etc. The indoor chapel is lined with windows on three sides, making the indoors feel outside, and vice versa. Many venues have indoor ceremony spaces, but few are as filled with natural light from all angles. Although Juli had originally hoped to be married at the outdoor ceremony site, the indoor chapel felt less like a “plan B” and more like a release from being glued to the weather forecast.

In the end, I guess the wedding gods decided that this beautiful couple deserved to have something go the way it was supposed to. Almost immediately after they were married, the clouds parted and gave way to some of the most beautiful sunset light I’ve ever had the pleasure of capturing. And while every couple treasures the candid moments throughout the day, Juli’s greatest hope from her wedding photography were frame-worthy portraits of her and her husband.

There is something unique and extraordinary about these postponed weddings that I can’t quite pinpoint. Maybe it’s the anticipation, maybe it’s the fresh realization that nothing can be taken for granted. I just know that I see people connecting, loving, and celebrating bigger than ever before.