Winter Meets Spring at the San Antonio Riverwalk

the bride looks over shoulder on the way to cocktail hour

Citrus hues with velvet textiles may be an unusual pairing, but Julie, the lovely bride, saw her vision clearly and her interior design background helped her bring it to life.

The bride noted, “The design was inspired by the changing of the seasons. Being in between colder winter months and spring time I wanted to incorporate elements of each by putting together the bright pinks and creams of springtime with the rich velvet textiles of winter! I also loved how the venue made the design more modern feeling!”

The fashion played off of this idea as well – the all white bridesmaid dresses and Julie’s modern silk wedding dress contrasted against the colorful, patterned, Nepali saris worn by Ayush’s family. Every aspect of Julie and Ayush’s nuptials honored the blending of their two cultures, just like the blending of the seasons.

One of the most meaningful moments of the day happened just after Julie had gotten dressed. The bridesmaids circled together and each shared something about the couple that inspired them, or what quality they loved about the bride. I cherish every opportunity to help my clients make space for memorable and intimate moments with their people.

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