Colorful Indian Mehndi at the Leela Palace Udaipur


Anisha and Will had a clear vision for their colorful and floral wedding theme. They wanted to incorporate the traditional Indian Mehndi event, where henna is applied to the bride and guests’ hands. This event is known for being joyful and vibrant. In a happy accident, their Mehndi also fell on the day of Holi, the Indian festival of colors, making it an even more colorful celebration. The event was designed and planned by the fantastic team at Panodrama Events.

Anisha was unsure about wearing another Indian outfit or opting for something more Western. However, during a shopping trip in Delhi with her mother, they stumbled upon the Sahil Kochhar store. Although they didn’t find anything suitable at first, Anisha spotted a dress in the store window that caught her eye. She excitedly asked her mom if it would be a crazy idea to wear it for the Mehndi. Without hesitation, her mom insisted they go back inside to try it on. It turned out to be the perfect choice. The dress was a lavender gown adorned with stunning 3D appliqué flowers in a rainbow of colors. It was a true work of art and perfectly reflected the festive and floral atmosphere of the Mehndi. Moreover, as Anisha grew up in a town called Kew Gardens near London, famous for its botanical gardens, the floral theme also felt like a tribute to her hometown.

Anisha wanted the dress to take center stage, so she kept her jewelry, makeup, and hair simple for the day. Next, they needed to find an outfit for Will that would complement the dress without clashing with it. After some consideration, they decided on a custom blue bandhgala from Arjan Dugal. The jacket was made of silk georgette and featured delicate chikankari embroidery with subtle sequin detailing. Will paired it with cream trousers, also by Arjan Dugal, and white Common Project sneakers to maintain a casual and fun daytime look.

As their photographer, my favorite moment was when I got to steal the couple away to the Leela’s boat dock for a sunset photo session. Some rain earlier in the day had given way to the most majestic clouds and dreamlike colors reflecting off the water. Paired with Anisha’s gown and the magic of film, we got to create images that are truly some of my all time favorites. The Mendi celebration was day two of their destination wedding in Udaipur, India. Don’t miss their Bollywood Royalty Inspired Sangeet and The Wedding Day.


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