Portraits in Indian Wedding Attire at Jennifer's Gardens

Portraits in Indian Wedding Attire at Jennifer's Gardens

The groom photographs the bride

Chuck and Navdeep were wed in an intimate ceremony with only their closest friends and family. I was thrilled when they reached out to have me photograph my favorite part of any wedding day – their portraits. Navdeep looked stunning in her bridal lehenga, her draping dupatta, and the intricate mehndi and beautiful jewelry that adorned her arms. Chuck honored Navdeep by dressing in traditional Indian groom attire including a sherwani, mojari, and pagdi. We spent our time together exploring Jennifer’s Gardens, finding eclectic backgrounds that felt like an homage to the Austin of olden days.

I noticed Chuck, being a photographer himself, snapping polaroids of Navdeep and other guests throughout the day. I asked if I could capture him, capturing his bride. Photographing a person you love is incredibly intimate – requiring tenderness and curiosity. It brings new meaning to the adage of beauty being in the eye of the beholder. Although I had witnessed them express affection, loving words, and deep devotion – this moment felt like the truest reference for how their love expresses itself.

Finally, I could think of no better way to symbolize their cultures joining each other than to photograph their hands reaching out to each other. Chuck’s smooth, pale skin reaching for Navdeep’s hand covered in elaborate mehndi, her exquisite engagement ring front and center. It was an honor to create images for Chuck and Navdeep that captured their beautiful wedding attire and told the story of the day they joined hands to move forward through life side by side as husband and wife.