Cait & Michael’s Italy-Inspired Wedding at Villa Antonia in Austin, Texas


On their 2-year anniversary, Michael orchestrated an unforgettable surprise—a journey to the enchanting realm of Sedona, a place that held a profound significance in their hearts. For Cait, Sedona was more than just a destination; it symbolized the prelude to their love story. It was where she embarked on a solo wellness retreat just before their very first date, where the bonds of their connection began to form amidst the serene beauty, the healing vortexes, and the wellness havens nestled within the town.

The morning of their adventure unveiled as Michael revealed the day’s enigmatic plans, with the only instruction being to wear layers. Here, they were met with the breathtaking sight of a colossal hot air balloon. Although Cait is not the biggest fan of heights, the next half-hour was dedicated to mindfulness, her focus on staying calm as they ascended above Sedona’s iconic red rocks. As the landscape unfolded below, an immense sign, bearing the word “Forever?” caught her eye. When she turned to Michael, he was down on one knee, proposing.

An overseas wedding in Italy had long been a dream, but the uncertainties of a post-pandemic era introduced complications. Cait and Michael’s quest for a wedding venue evoking an elevated, chic, and sophisticated ambiance led them to Villa Antonia —an idyllic setting to pledge their love. Their wedding vision pivoted around two central elements: wellness and an elevated experience. Infused with mindfulness, their ceremony commenced with a captivating mindfulness meditation led by a bridesmaid, uniting the couple, their wedding party, and their guests in the present moment—a cherished highlight of the day. A live butterfly release was the whimsical and enchanting culmination of their extraordinary wedding day.

Cait’s vision for her attire encompassed two distinct looks. Her Pronovias ceremony gown exuded simplicity, timeless grace, and a whimsical touch, harmonized by a veil adorned with petal-like lace accents. For the evening’s festivities, a lighter and more playful dress was discovered at a&bé bridal shop in Austin.

Mismatched elegance created her bridesmaids’ looks, with each in a dress that catered to the old world palette Cait had in mind – soft mauves, golden yellows, and peachy oranges. Food assumed a central role in their celebration, with Austin Catering masterfully transforming their al fresco dinner dreams into a delectable reality. Their menu included an arugula salad with fresh pears, walnuts, and prosciutto, followed by filet mignon and grilled redfish salmoriglio. A selection of locally sourced spirits, beer, and cherished Santa Barbara wines completed the culinary journey. Following dinner, a jazz line led the guests to their next destination. Here, a captivating live band took center stage, and the guests danced the rest of the night away.


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