Summer Portraits at Villa Antonia

Summer Portraits at Villa Antonia

When Annie got in touch with me, her top priority was finding someone who understood her vision for a romantic and fine-art anniversary photoshoot with an old-world charm. Annie and her husband James were planning a trip to Austin to celebrate their five-year wedding anniversary, and we dove headfirst into planning this special session. We considered various locations, including the Commodore Perry Estate, Laguna Gloria, Le San Michele, and more, but ultimately, Annie chose Villa Antonia due to its perfect blend of aesthetics and availability. The team at Villa Antonia was outstanding in their communication, which made the process smooth.

To make their experience stress-free, I recommended we schedule the shoot as early in their trip as possible. Photoshoots can be mentally taxing, so I wanted them to get it done and enjoy the rest of their vacation without any lingering pressures.

On the day of the shoot, Annie looked absolutely stunning in her Milla gown. James opted for a more straightforward outfit that beautifully complemented Annie's attire without overshadowing it. Her bouquet, thoughtfully crafted by Truth and Blooms, seamlessly blended with our carefully curated color palette. What made working with this couple particularly enjoyable was the confidence and comfort that comes with years of marriage. They had a unique connection that was a delight to capture.

After the session, I shared my list of things to do, see, and eat in Austin with Annie and James. Annie later said - “We tried Loro per your suggestion right after our session and it was SO GOOD!”

When Annie received her photos, she sent over a glowing review: "Each image is so stunning and a work of art. Your photography and your mastery of film is incredible! Seeing these photos brings us back to all the joy we felt in Austin celebrating our milestone and the memorable and fun time we had at Villa Antonia shooting with you! Meeting you for the first time felt like meeting up with an old friend!"