The Five Best Engagement Session Locations in Austin

Picking a place to take your engagement photos isn’t always easy – but don’t worry, I did the research for you, and there’s a location on my list to suit any vision.

And one last thing – a lot of these spots are my favorites because they offer so much variety. No two engagement sessions are ever the exact same. You will to bring your own style, background, and personalities to a location, so your session will be unique no matter what. Choose a location that’s a representation of who you are as a couple, and enjoy having one more thing checked off that wedding to-do list.

UPDATE: Now with four additional bonus locations!


Laguna Gloria is a stunning and sought-after location for engagement portraits. It’s part of The Contemporary ATX and serves as an art school and is also rented out as a wedding venue. Enjoy the european ambience, waterfront views, meticulously landscaped gardens and winding trails overgrown with

both native and tropical foliage. It seems every corner of the property makes for an ethereal photo backdrop.
Bonus tip: It's only 5 minutes from Mount Bonnell - a gorgeous overlook from which to catch the sunset! This combo is probably one of my favorites to shoot.


Bull Creek is one of my first recommendations for nature lovers that want a water feature. There are so many great spots here, so we are always on the move! Enjoy the creek, interesting rock formations and slightly overgrown trails.

Because of how the light is at this location, we'll want to start shooting no later than 2 hours before sunset. Bull Creek really captures the "Austin outdoors."  If you want to bring your dog, this is a great location to do so! 

McKinney Falls State Park

Austin certainly doesn’t have a shortage of outdoor nature locations to choose from, but McKinney Falls State Park is one of the best. I love the lush green space here, as well as access to water. Enjoy the open space with the neutral rock - its easy on bare

feet and reflects light onto your skin, which results in glowy complexions. It's spacious, which eases concerns about crowds (which can be a concern with a spot like Bull Creek), and there’s always a new spot to discover.


Sekrit Theatre is sort of an Austin icon - a relic of the "Keep Austin Weird" vibe that Austin was known for before it's rapid growth over the past few years.

The greenhouse is a popular spot for proposals, engagement photos, and other portrait sessions. There’s truly nothing else like this in Austin! 

Enchanted Rock

Worth the hour and a half drive outside of Austin, Enchanted Rock is a state park with incredible natural rock formations. If you’re willing to make the drive, you can hike the giant pink rock and capture some gorgeous portraits along the way.

There’s so much to choose from here - from the creeks that wind along the base, to the desert wildlife that grows on the trails up the mountain - to the smooth upper portions perfect for catching the last bit of golden sunlight.



South Congress is an ideal urban location for stylish couples who want a laid-back setting. South Congress is known for its whimsical, eccentric retail, boutique hotels, and colorful eateries. The “i love you so much” graffiti by Jo’s Coffee, the white tile wall outside of the South Congress Hotel, the green outside of Hotel San Jose,

and the Austin Motel’s iconic (and phallic) sign are some of my favorite spots. Towards sunset, drive down to the South Congress bridge and catch the last bit of golden light. Pro tip: South Congress is a super busy area, so this location is easiest to shoot at on weekdays (Monday-Thursday).


Circle C Park is a quiet, yet expansive park tucked into the Circle C neighborhood in south Austin. Tall grass, towering oak trees, and well-maintained gravel trails

are the main features of this popular photo spot. This park is easily accessible, beautiful year round, and no permit is necessary to shoot here.


The only indoor location on this list, the Lumen Room is great for couples wanting a minimalist or studio editorial aesthetic for their engagement photos. It’s great as a backup plan in case of rain, or as a second location paired with an outdoor location for a different look. The all-white interior and southwest facing windows fill the

space with light, flattering all skin tones. Conveniently located off South Lamar and with plenty of amenities such as furniture, restrooms, clothing racks, wifi, and light filter shades, the Lumen Room is a great place to get clean, bright, indoor photos in a studio setting.


Nestled just a few blocks from the idyllic Hyde Park, the Commodore Perry Estate offers an unparalleled sense of luxury and privacy. Rolling up the gravel driveway onto the sprawling acreage, your first glance of the property features the stunning Italian Renaissance architecture, while the whimsical interior designed by Ken Fulk is unmistakably southern. The romantic English-style gardens, the Slim Aarons

inspired pool, and the towering arches at the entrance to the mansion are just some of the beautiful places to take photos at the estate. Note that permits to take photos at this property are exclusively given to the Estate’s wedding clients, so if you have your heart set on taking your engagement photos here - consider booking it as your wedding venue!

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