The Ten Best Austin Wedding Venues

The Ten Best Austin Wedding Venues

If you’ve been engaged for more than a brief moment, you’ve likely discovered the abundance of venue options available in the Austin area. Austin itself boasts a plethora of beautiful wedding spaces, and a short drive out to Dripping Springs opens the door to what is often dubbed the “wedding capital of Texas.” Your choice of wedding venue not only sets the stage for your entire day but also shapes the overall ambiance of your event.

Drawing from my extensive experience as a photographer, I have meticulously curated a selection of my favorite Austin wedding venues. These venues stand out not only for their photogenic qualities and stellar reputations but also for the unique and distinctive experiences they offer. From an enchanting Italianate estate to a desert greenhouse nestled in the Hill Country, and encompassing a wide range of other captivating options in between, this list caters to couples seeking to host a wedding with style and distinction.

Here, presented for your consideration, are the ten finest wedding venues in Austin, complemented by a few additional noteworthy locations that deserve special mention.


The Arlo, a newcomer to Austin's vibrant wedding venue scene, has quickly garnered attention for its fresh and innovative approach, seamlessly blending a contemporary aesthetic with exceptional functionality. Notably, it has also distinguished itself through its commitment to providing impeccable service.

The Arlo achieves a remarkable feat by striking a balance between a modern, minimalist design that serves as a canvas for personalized weddings while exuding a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. The incorporation of warm wood accents and the creation of a spacious bridal suite, alongside the contemporary outdoor fireplace ceremony site, stand out as particular highlights within this splendid space.

At The Arlo, the marriage of beauty and practicality is evident throughout. The bridal suite is a testament to this philosophy, boasting neutral tones, lofty ceilings, generously proportioned mirrors, an abundance of natural light, plush seating, a wood-burning fireplace, and ample storage, accommodating even the

most extensive bridal party needs. The groom's quarters, often overlooked at many venues, receive equal attention at The Arlo, offering a charming, fully furnished cottage replete with storage, comfortable seating, and ample natural light, ensuring that the groom's preparation moments are just as captivating.

Moreover, The Arlo alleviates weather-related concerns with its well-thought-out design. The spacious and well-lit indoor chapel offers a reliable alternative, while covered outdoor walkways dotting the property provide flexibility for capturing memorable photographs in various conditions.

In essence, The Arlo is the quintessential choice for couples who possess a clear vision for their wedding aesthetic. It provides a modern, meticulously maintained, and versatile blank canvas venue that allows them to craft their unique love story with style and grace.

Austin Proper Hotel

Rarely will you find a film photographer like myself wholeheartedly endorsing a hotel as a wedding venue, but the opulent Austin Proper Hotel is a notable exception. Designed under the artistic direction of Kelly Wearstler, this establishment boasts a warm and inviting interior adorned with a captivating array of eclectic vintage elements, all while tastefully embracing the sleek and organic design principles of Japandi style.

The Mirabeau ballroom, with its commanding view of downtown Austin, serves as an exquisite backdrop for daytime ceremonies and bathes receptions in a luminous ambiance as night falls. Every detail within the ballroom, from the thoughtfully chosen carpeting to the lighting and wood tones, has been carefully selected to transform it into a space that seamlessly melds style with functionality.

The Austin Proper Hotel offers a multitude of distinctive spaces, each tailored to enhance every facet of your event. Whether it's the intimate rehearsal dinner in the private dining room, the luxurious preparations within the Penthouse suite, a chic cocktail hour by the pool, or an energetic afterparty at Goldie's, each space lends a fresh and exhilarating feel to different segments of your celebration.

With its unbeatable location, the Austin Proper Hotel emerges as the quintessential choice for couples seeking to infuse their event with the "Austin chic" vibe or, as Proper aptly describes it, "a looser kind of luxury."


Conceived, restored, and proudly owned by Austin natives, Barr Mansion's verdant surroundings and Victorian-era structures provide a humble yet enchanting setting for wedding festivities. The property seamlessly weaves together historical and contemporary elements, showcasing a character that sets it apart as a truly distinctive venue in Austin.

From the original farmhouse that graced the land to the glass-walled ballroom, imported from New York, Barr Mansion effortlessly combines these architectural treasures to craft an ambiance that is unparalleled in its uniqueness.

The meticulously landscaped grounds, resplendent with lush greenery, serve as idyllic backdrops for daytime photography, bathed in natural light.

As the sun sets, they transform into inviting spaces where your guests can gather and mingle, enveloped in a captivating ambiance.

Barr Mansion's commitment to a seasonally inspired, organic, farm-to-table menu not only ensures culinary excellence but also aligns with ethical and sustainable dining practices. This thoughtful approach to catering promises both ease and delectable flavors.

With some of the most iconic scenes in Austin's wedding venue landscape, Barr Mansion stands as the undisputed choice for clients seeking a magnificent event imbued with a relaxed and welcoming vibe.


No definitive list of outstanding venues would be complete without mentioning Ian's Chapel at Camp Lucy. Situated within the expansive Camp Lucy resort in Dripping Springs, it is just one of four exceptional and distinct event spaces this destination offers. What truly sets Camp Lucy apart is its exceptional staff, consistently crafting remarkable experiences for each wedding client, guest, and vendor fortunate enough to set foot on their remarkable property.

For the sake of brevity, I'll concentrate on my personal favorite among their four venues: Ian's Chapel. This remarkable setting features an iconic French colonial steeple, making it an ideal backdrop for wedding portraits or an al fresco ceremony. Following the ceremony, guests transition to the expansive great lawn for a delightful cocktail hour before culminating the celebration in a meticulously restored 1800s Amish barn, which serves as the reception venue.

The thoughtful layout of these beautifully defined spaces ensures a well-rounded experience for your guests, putting them at ease and prolonging the enjoyment of your celebration.

Weddings at Camp Lucy are characterized by their exceptional ease of planning, all without succumbing to a cookie-cutter approach. The convenience of in-house catering and a seamless partnership with Whim Hospitality for floral and rental needs simplifies the decision-making process. Moreover, the abundance of on-site lodging options and resort amenities, not to mention the exceptional on-site restaurant Tillie's, make Camp Lucy an indisputable choice for couples considering Austin as their destination wedding location—or local clients who desire the essence of a destination wedding experience without the complexities of travel.


Tucked away just a few blocks from the picturesque Hyde Park, the Commodore Perry Estate embodies a unique blend of opulence and seclusion. As you ascend the gravel driveway and set your eyes on the expansive grounds, your initial impression is graced by the breathtaking Italian Renaissance architecture. Yet, as you step inside, the interior, masterfully designed by Ken Fulk, exudes a captivating Southern charm that is nothing short of whimsical.

The estate's allure extends to its enchanting English-style gardens, a pool that takes inspiration from the iconic Slim Aarons aesthetic, and majestic archways framing the entrance to the mansion—all offering

an array of captivating settings for photography. Moreover, an exclusive privilege is reserved for the estate's wedding and event clients, granting them the opportunity to capture professional photos in this privileged setting.

Boasting 54 well-appointed guest rooms, picturesque grounds, and the exceptional service synonymous with Auberge properties, the Commodore Perry Estate stands as the quintessential choice for clients seeking a meticulously curated, high-touch wedding experience that extends its warm embrace to their cherished guests.


The Greenhouse at Driftwood stands as a truly exceptional presence in Austin's venue landscape. Nestled in the heart of Driftwood, Texas, it seamlessly integrates desert and tropical flora with the native hill country foliage, creating a remarkable fusion of natural beauty.

This distinctive venue offers the flexibility to host events within the actual greenhouses for more intimate guest counts. Meanwhile, a sprawling lawn and a versatile outdoor tent slab cater to larger celebrations. The property presents both intimate and inviting moments, whether it's strolling through the meticulously tended greenhouses or gazing up at the majestic oak trees that punctuate the outdoor space. Yet, it can also exude a sense of expansiveness when guests gather on the open lawn or marvel at the sheer grandeur of the greenhouses themselves.

What sets The Greenhouse apart is its exceptional uniqueness; it's far from a blank canvas, yet it affords couples the creative freedom to personalize the space as their own. As exemplified in our showcase of chic, modern romance against the southwest backdrop of The Greenhouse at Driftwood, it's a canvas ripe for imaginative interpretation.

This venue is the perfect choice for couples seeking an unconventional setting, one that deviates from the conventional barns and ballrooms prevalent in the market. It caters to those who wish to weave nature intricately into the fabric of their wedding day, offering a truly exceptional backdrop for their celebration.


Picture your wedding guests mingling outside an elegant European villa or strolling along a waterfront terrace, savoring their drinks as they soak in the breathtaking sunset, all while the melodic strains of music waft through the air. If this is the ambiance you envision for your wedding, Laguna Gloria is the quintessential choice.

The centerpiece of this magnificent property is the Italian-style Driscoll Villa, gracefully perched overlooking the serene Colorado River. During the week, it serves as an art school, hence the captivating art installations that adorn the landscape. On weekends, it transforms into a splendid venue for hosting events. Guests have the pleasure of meandering through meticulously landscaped gardens and traversing winding trails enveloped in a lush tapestry of both native and tropical flora.

Laguna Gloria is renowned for its distinctive dining floorplan, characterized by long tables artfully arranged in a single line along a scenic path that offers enchanting views of the river. Ceremonies unfold in the open-air amphitheater, nestled right along the riverbank. Each nook and cranny of this property seems to effortlessly double as an ethereal backdrop for photographs, making it a favorite locale for engagement shoots.

For couples seeking a romantic outdoor venue infused with sweeping views and an alluring European ambiance, Laguna Gloria stands as the epitome of stylish sophistication, offering an enchanting backdrop for any event.


As a recent addition to Austin's wedding scene, Mattie's at Green Pastures effortlessly blends the charm of yesteryears with contemporary sophistication, establishing itself as a coveted venue in the heart of South Austin. Boasting an acclaimed onsite restaurant, exquisitely manicured grounds occasionally graced by the presence of live peacocks, and a lovingly restored 19th-century farmhouse adorned with tasteful and forward-thinking design accents, Mattie's offers a medley of features that position it among Austin's finest venues.

While Mattie's is just a stone's throw away from downtown Austin, the expansive grounds and towering oak trees cocoon the venue,

creating an atmosphere of tranquility and seclusion, as if it were a hidden gem. The tented outdoor patio provides a breezy setting for outdoor ceremonies or receptions, while also offering a practical solution for potential weather concerns.

Mattie's masterfully captures the laid-back essence that Austin is renowned for, making it the ideal choice for couples seeking an elegant yet relaxed wedding day experience, all within the embrace of this enchanting venue.


From the moment guests set foot on the property, the Omni Barton Creek Resort offers an unrivaled experience. This destination is a wedding weekend dream come true, with its onsite spa, guest rooms that boast sweeping views of the Hill Country, and an impressive selection of seven dining options.

The Hill Country Pavilion, enclosed in glass walls and nestled beside the sprawling lawn, provides a captivating indoor-outdoor setting with panoramic views. While the lawn offers an excellent backdrop, the indoor staircase captured in the image below is a personal favorite for portraits at the Omni.

Couples who value impeccable service and genuine southern hospitality will find themselves in excellent hands with the Omni's events team, renowned for their professionalism. The resort further elevates the experience with luxurious suites for preparations and an abundance of picturesque spots tucked around every corner, offering a comprehensive setting for couples aspiring to host the wedding of a lifetime.

Omni Barton Creek Resort & Spa stands as the quintessential wedding venue for couples in search of a spacious location with breathtaking vistas, abundant natural light, and top-tier service.


Located just north of Austin in Round Rock, Woodbine Mansion is a resplendent venue that seamlessly melds 19th-century historical charm with classical and Greek revival elements. This picturesque estate, set amidst meticulously maintained outdoor grounds spanning an acre, exudes an atmosphere of timeless elegance, making it an ideal choice for romantic and upscale celebrations.

Envision your guests gathered at a black-tie affair, sipping cocktails on the verdant lawn or luxuriating next to the grand fireplace within the airy atrium. Or picture your dream wedding unfolding beneath an outdoor trellis adorned with cascading florals, followed by an evening under the starlit sky within a beautifully tented reception.

Woodbine Mansion doesn't stop at its stunning event spaces; it also offers a stylish getting-ready suite bathed in exquisite lighting and adorned with cozy accents. In contrast to the potential stuffiness or sterility often associated with historic venues, every corner of Woodbine Mansion is meticulously designed to create a captivating and refined atmosphere.

For couples seeking a romantic backdrop for a black-tie celebration, along with access to the Austin wedding market without the bustling city commotion, Woodbine Mansion stands as the perfect venue choice. It encapsulates the essence of sophistication and timeless charm, ensuring a wedding day that will be forever cherished.



Few brands evoke the essence of luxury hospitality as effortlessly as the Four Seasons, and the Four Seasons Hotel Austin masterfully upholds this esteemed reputation. Nestled in a prime location overlooking the serene Lady Bird Lake, the venue offers a pristine lawn shaded by heritage oak trees for those seeking an al fresco ceremony, an expansive indoor ballroom for grand celebrations, and sumptuous guest suites to provide an indulgent experience.

With its timeless and traditional allure, the Four Seasons Hotel Austin naturally beckons couples with discerning tastes. Moreover, for those who anticipate hosting a significant number of out-of-town

guests, the Four Seasons presents itself as an excellent choice. It serves as the quintessential gateway to offer your loved ones an authentic Austin experience replete with delectable cuisine, live musical performances, natural splendor, and the warm embrace of southern hospitality.

Situated in the heart of downtown Austin, the property seamlessly combines urban convenience with the ambiance of a lakeside sanctuary. This unique juxtaposition positions it as the ideal focal point for an unforgettable wedding weekend, a rejuvenating vacation, or a delightful staycation, ensuring that every moment is imbued with the distinct charm of both Austin and the Four Seasons.


I may have to revise my earlier statement about my hesitancy to recommend hotels, as I proudly introduce a third exceptional hotel to this list, joining esteemed company. The South Congress Hotel, a boutique gem that aptly describes itself as a "microcosm of Austin," makes a well-deserved addition, standing as a prime choice for couples with a penchant for non-traditional, contemporary tastes.

Characterized by its industrial-chic design featuring concrete floors, soaring ceilings, sleek steel accents, and vibrant desert foliage, the South Congress Hotel exudes an effortlessly cool and relaxed ambiance. Weddings hosted here possess an unpretentious yet undeniably chic vibe.

Nestled along one of Austin's most popular and iconic avenues, this hotel ensures that your out-of-town wedding guests are mere steps away from the vibrant dining and shopping scene of South Congress. The options are as diverse as they are enticing: Picture a stylish ceremony in the verdant courtyard, an atmospheric reception in the elegant ballroom, or an energetic morning-after gathering by the pool.

The South Congress Hotel embodies the essence of modernity and style, making it the ideal choice for couples seeking an unconventional and unforgettable wedding experience that aligns seamlessly with the spirit of Austin.


Stepping onto the terrace of Villa Antonia transports you to a place where you question whether you're still in Texas. Villa Antonia stands as an exquisite testament to old-world Italian aesthetics, gracing its guests with sweeping vistas of the Texas hill country. While it may require a bit more effort to reach, approximately 40 minutes outside of Austin, it more than compensates with its abundant character and undeniable charm.

Weddings held at Villa Antonia carry an al fresco ambiance that defies replication. This venue is tailor-made for the romantics at heart, those who might feel a deep connection to the landscapes of Tuscany, and those who crave a backdrop for their nuptials that is nothing short of dramatic and enchanting.


The Grand Lady, originally constructed in 1881 in Bartlett, Texas, as a wedding gift for Mrs. Walton, is a testament to lavish generosity. No expense was spared in its creation, a fact evident in the opulent details that adorn the home. Situated on a sprawling 20-acre estate just 14 miles east of Austin, this historic mansion showcases exquisite handcrafted stained glass windows and meticulously crafted custom details, establishing an idyllic backdrop for your special day.

The newly constructed event hall presents a modern reception space that harmoniously blends with the natural surroundings, featuring a wall of expansive windows and rustic wood accents. The Grand Lady offers a practical and convenient venue option that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the wedding experience, from the preparations to the joyous send-off at the end of the night. The property exudes a sense of whimsy and a delightful garden ambiance, ensuring a charming and memorable celebration.