The Perfect Proposal at The Commodore Perry

The Perfect Proposal at The Commodore Perry

A proposal in the garden of the Commodore Perry in Austin, Texas

“I have waited for this moment for my whole life.”

Those were the words Nikki spoke with tears in her eyes and a brand new ring on her finger after saying “yes” to Ryan.

That wasn’t the only surprise, though. Unbeknownst to her, Ryan had already planned their engagement party on the terrace of The Commodore Perry – which included gathering not only both families, but dear high school friends from out of state whom Ryan hadn’t even met yet. All of his careful planning culminated in the rewarding moment of seeing the awe on Nikki’s face as she walked up the steps and took in the scene before her. The excitement was palpable as the couple celebrated with their friends and family, introductions occurring along the way. 

While the couple stepped away from the party for some portraits, Nikki learned the full scope of planning that Ryan had undertaken over the past few weeks to create this special day for her. From my venue scouting trip that Ryan joined over Facetime to discuss staging, to my styling advice that he used to coordinate their outfits, to the dinner he had planned for their families that evening – every detail was carefully coordinated to make the proposal go off without a hitch, without Nikki suspecting a thing. 

I am so excited and honored to capture Ryan and Nikki’s wedding in 2022 at the Hotel Drover in Fort Worth – almost exactly one year to the date of their engagement. Thank you to the staff at the Commodore Perry for being so accommodating and producing Ryan and Nikki’s event flawlessly.